Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Many Exciting Things To Come!

Welcome back to my progressive rock blog- The Leviathan. I used to post regularly in this blog, but for some reason, stopped writing a while ago. But, I am dedicated now to bringing you, the readers, a regularly updated blog about the music I discover throughout the year. The music discussed will typically be Progressive Rock since that is my favorite genre. My promise is to review every new album I hear in the year 2011 in this blog. I already have posted several from the last two months. In the next few weeks, expect a few more reviews, including a review of 'Snowtorch' by Phideaux and 'Invisible Places' by Presto Ballet.

When I don't have new albums to review, I plan to spotlight bands, albums or even songs that I have been obsessed with lately that I feel are worth sharing. So, I hope you will continue to check this blog regularly for my insight into the extraordinary music of today. My promise to you is to bring regularly scheduled posts that will hopefully enlighten you on new music you can discover. I hope you stick around, because it should be a fun journey!

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